Bacterial Genomics

Plant transcriptomics and comparative genomics

We are interested in exploring large novel and publicly available plant transcriptomic datasets, in particular from species of agricultural relevance. The central idea is to investigate and identify genes involved in key agronomic traits.

Furthermore, we are also interested in the evolution of transcription factor families in the plant kingdom, including the phylogenetic analysis of transcription factors and their dynamics in co-regulatory networks.

Bacterial Genomics

Here we have two distinct projects. The first is on comparative genomics of nosocomial bacteria, with special focus on resistome and population structure analyses. Our aim is to provide a theoretical foundation to help healthcare professionals in the development of novel surveillance and treatment strategies.

The second project focuses on the genome sequencing and comparative analysis of beneficial bacteria that are associated with plants. We explore the biodiversity of these bacteria and search for genes potentially involved in such beneficial interactions. The central idea is that understanding the biochemistry and ecology of these bacteria can help reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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