Population structure and pangenome analysis of Enterobacter bugandensis uncover the presence of blaCTX-M-55, blaNDM-5 and blaIMI-1, along with sophisticated iron acquisition strategies

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  1. Genome sequencing of the vermicompost strain Stenotrophomonas maltophilia UENF-4GII and population structure analysis of the S. maltophilia Sm3 genogroup

    Pedrosa-Silva, Francisnei ; Matteoli, Filipe P.; Passarelli-Araujo, Hemanoel; Olivares, Fabio L. ; Venancio, Thiago Motta
    Microbiological Research. - 2022
  2. Integrating omics approaches to discover and prioritize candidate genes involved in oil biosynthesis in soybean

    Turquetti-Moraes, Dayana K. ; Moharana, Kanhu C.; Almeida-Silva, Fabricio ; Pedrosa-Silva, Francisnei; Venancio, Thiago Motta.
    Gene. - 2021
  3. Phylogenetic analysis and population structure of Pseudomonas alloputida

    Passarelli-Araujo, Hemanoel ; Jacobs, Sarah H. ; Franco, Glória R. ; Venancio, Thiago Motta.
    Genomics. - 2021
  4. Characterization of cellular, biochemical and genomic features of the diazotrophic plant growth-promoting bacterium zospirillum sp. UENF-412522, a novel member of the Azospirillum genus

    Rodrigues, Gustavo L. ; Matteoli, Filipe P.; Gazara, Rajesh K.; Rodrigues, Pollyanna S. L.; Dos Santos, Samuel T.; Alves, Alice F; Pedrosa-Silva, Francisnei ; Oliveira-Pinheiro, Isabella ; Canedo-Alvarenga, Daniella ; Olivares, Fabio L. ; Venancio, Thiago Motta
    Microbiological Research. - 2021
  5. Pathogenesis-related protein 1 (PR-1) genes in soybean: genome-wide identification, structural analysis and expression profiling under multiple biotic and abiotic stresses.

    Almeida-Silva, Fabricio ; Venancio, Thiago M..
    Gene. - 2021
  6. The state of the art in soybean transcriptomics resources and gene coexpression networks.

    Almeida-Silva, Fabricio ;Moharana, Kanhu C. ; Venancio, Thiago M..
    in silico Plants. - 2021
  7. Systematic analysis of 1,298 RNA-Seq samples and construction of a comprehensive soybean (Glycine max) expression atlas.

    Machado, Fabricio B. ; Moharana, Kanhu C. ; Almeida-Silva, Fabricio ; Gazara, Rajesh K. ; Pedrosa-Silva, Francisnei ; Coelho, Fernanda S. ; Grativol, Clicia ; Venancio, Thiago M..
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  8. Polyploidization events shaped the transcription factor repertoires in legumes (Fabaceae)

    Moharana, Kanhu C. ; Venancio, Thiago M. .
    The Plant Journal. - 2020
  9. First genome sequences of two multidrug-resistant Candida haemulonii var. vulnera isolates from pediatric patients with candidemia

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  10. Twenty-two-year papaya breeding program: from breeding strategy establishment to cultivar development

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  11. Molecular Epidemiology of Multidrug-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae Isolates in a Brazilian Tertiary Hospital

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  12. Genomic analysis unveils important aspects of population structure, virulence, and antimicrobial resistance in Klebsiella aerogenes

    Passarelli-Araujo, Hemanoel ; Palmeiro, Jussara K. ; Moharana, Kanhu C. ; Pedrosa-Silva, Francisnei ; Dalla-Costa, Libera M. ; Venancio, Thiago Motta.
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  13. Cell wall dynamics and gene expression on soybean embryonic axes during germination

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    PLANTA, v. x, p. x - 2019
  14. Population structure and pangenome analysis of Enterobacter bugandensis uncover the presence of blaCTX-M-55, blaNDM-5 and blaIMI-1, along with sophisticated iron acquisition strategies

    Matteoli, Filipe P. ; Passarelli-Araujo, Hemanoel ; Pedrosa-Silva, Francisnei ; Olivares, Fabio L. ; Venancio, Thiago M.
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  15. Transcriptional landscape of soybean (Glycine max) embryonic axes during germination in the presence of paclobutrazol, a gibberellin biosynthesis inhibitor

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    Scientific Reports, v. 9, p. 9601 - 2019
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